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  • The Future of Fire Risk Assessments

    Fire Risk Assessments Managed online - the easy way! Simply it replaces the out of date lengthy and vague paper based fire risk assessments of the past with a modern, user friendly online solution. The fire risk management system will save you time, save you money and keep you in touch with your fire safety. How it Works Simply it replaces the out of date lengthy and vague paper based fire risk assessments of the past with a modern, user friendly online solution. The online fir...

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  • covid_ready_training_room.jpg
    Social Distancing Training Room Ready
    Our New Social Distancing Training Room is now ready for use.    We have taken a range of measures ensuring that we can deliver all our training, face to face with our clients to comply with the latest guidelines.  All delegates can train safely in a safe environment, maintaining hygiene and social distancing.

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    YOU MAY THINK YOU'RE INSURED AGAINST FIRE BUT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY MAY THINK OTHERWISE Dealing with your fire safety systems and procedures may not be top of your priority list, but it is still your responsibility to do so both legally and in terms of meeting your duty of care.  We have a solution that will deliver both. A site visit and review meeting with one of our Fire Safety Professionals will: Identify areas where you do currently meet the Fire Safety legislation

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    Don`t gamble with your fire risk assessment
    If you are responsible for a business premises, the law requires that you have a Fire Risk Assessment. To find competent providers, you need BAFE SP205. The BAFE SP205 scheme has been developed to ensure the Responsible Person is doing everything possible to meet their legal obligations. This will also satisfy their due diligence responsibility to select a suitable fire risk assessment provider. Fire Safety Solutions NI is BAFE SP205 certified. Therefore you are selecting a company that has s

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  • bafe_sp205_(large)_cmyk.jpg
    We’re BAFE, so you’re SAFE!
    We recently passed our annual BAFE SP205 audit with flying colours. So what does this mean for you, our customer? Well, BAFE SP205 is the ‘gold standard’ for the fire safety industry.  It sets rigorous quality standards for companies undertaking fire risk assessments. It checks the competency of those carrying out the risk assessments as well as those who review and ‘sign off’ the reports before they are issued. It also checks that the company’s quality

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    FIRE SAFETY TRAINING COSTS £S - NO FIRE SAFETY TRAINING COSTS LIVES Did you know that current Fire Safety legislation requires you to provide fire safety training to staff when they start employment, as well as regular refresher training?  Unless you have a trained fire safety specialist in-house this can be a difficult responsibility to fulfil. We provide a cost-effective, time-efficient solution.  Our fire safety training courses cover the full range of training needs

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    Today’s fire safety is online and digital
    With fire risk assessments, occupier checks & tests, training schedules and servicing deadlines, managing your organisations fire safety can be an administrative challenge. That`s why, in response to the need for a more systemised approach, we have developed our bespoke online Fire Safety Management system for customers, called It’s revolutionising how our customers manage their fire safety. The system is secure, easy to use and paperless, making management of your

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    Are you being overcharged for fire extinguishers?
    We were recently commissioned to review costs for the installation and servicing of fire extinguishers for a medium-sized office.  They were very shocked to realise just how much they were being overcharged by one of the ‘mainstream’ suppliers of fire safety equipment.  This well-known company had them signed up to a five-year contract for rental of almost 50 fire extinguishers at a cost of £2,000 per year. Over a five-year period we are able to save this company a

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  • its_a_fine.jpg
    Breaching Health & Safety standards isn’t fine…it means a fine!
    Court cases brought against two local NI companies have highlighted the need to pay more than lip service to health and safety standards.  We won’t name and shame the offending businesses, so for the sake of discretion, let’s refer to them as ‘The Breach in the Fence’ bar’ in North Belfast and food distributors, the ‘South Up Group’, based in the west of the City (go figure!) The bar in question was fined £9,000 for nine breaches of the ter

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    Be Safe This Christmas
    Be Safe This Christmas We are asking everyone to be safe over the festive period by being aware of the extra fire risks that Christmas brings.  We all love to keep warm with portable heaters and open fires while watching the twinkle of fairy lights and candles around the house at this time of year … but fires can start easily.  The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service provide this advice to reduce the risk of fire and keep safe: Check that your Christmas light

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