Fire Safety Policies and Procedures

Fire Safety Solutions NI can produce and review all types of fire safety policies and procedures for any type of company, from small nurseries & offices to large hotels & commercial units.

Every business is required to have a formal Fire Safety Policy. It is an important part of your fire safety management system for compliance under the Fire and Rescue Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 and the Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010. This document should be reviewed periodically & signed off by the most senior person in your company. It will demonstrate the company's fire safety procedures and what actions people should take in the event of fire. This will ensure the safety of employees, and any visitors to the company's premises, from the dangers of fire. We can help businesses prepare their fire safety policy ensuring that it will be effective for their specific site.

The Hot Work Permit system is intended to assure that the individuals involved in construction, renovation, repairs and maintenance of facilities are aware of the hazards associated with hot work and welding and that they implement control measures to help mitigate them. We can supply generic hot work permit systems or help companies to develop bespoke systems ideally suited to their business.

Under fire safety legislation, it is the responsibility of those persons who have control of the premises to ensure that arrangements are in place for disabled evacuation in the event of a fire. This policy assures that those responsible are aware of the correct procedures to follow to safely evacuate persons with a disability in the event of a fire. This may be a staff member where a PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan) is required or if visitors to the site may be disabled, where a GEEP (Generic Emergency Evacuation Plan) is required.

Emergency procedure cards may be required for larger sites where specific persons may have specific roles in the event of fire. We can help companies to prepare such procedures for their staff to follow ensuring everyone`s safety if a fire was to occur.

Fire Safety Solutions can help businesses with any other fire safety procedure they may require, as we have a team of experienced fire safety professionals who will be able to prepare any bespoke fire safety policy for their specific site. Contact our office on 02890 452297 if you would like to avail of any of these services.

Prices start from ONLY £25 * for a basic Fire Safety Policy for small premises.

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