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If you are responsible for a business premises, the law requires that you have a Fire Risk Assessment. To find competent providers, you need BAFE SP205.

BAFE is the independent, third party certification registration organisation for the fire protection industry. As a BAFE third party certificated company, we bring quality fire protection and reassurance to you - the responsible business owner.

BAFE SP205 is an industry standard for companies undertaking fire risk assessments. It sets out criteria and requirements for not only the competency of those carrying out the risk assessments, but the competency of those who review and ‘sign off’ the reports before they are issued. It also makes requirements for the company’s quality management standards.

Achieving certification involves a rigorous examination and assessment of the company’s management systems and processes, and evaluation of the technical competency of the staff.  Staff are observed carrying out fire risk assessments, and their reports are reviewed. They continue to be evaluated in this way as part of ongoing monitoring of the company’s standards.

To demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement in the quality and level of service we provide to our clients, we have sought and been awarded BAFE SP205 certification.

We issue a Certificate of Conformity with each Fire Risk Assessment.  The Certificate is assurance to you that we have applied the standards required by BAFE SP205 in carrying out your Fire Risk Assessment

  • We are a BAFE SP205 Certified Company.
  • Our Fire Risk Assessment System is Fully Insurance Approved.
  • All Assessments are carried out by Fully Qualified & Approved Fire Safety Risk Assessors.
  • We are on the Fire Risk Assessors Register with the IFPO (Institute of Fire Prevention Officers).
  • Our Fire Risk Assessments meet the criteria stipulated for Entertainments Licence & the RQIA.
  • By having the Fire Risk Assessment carried out professionally you will not only save time but also save money. Many inexperienced fire risk assessors tend to over specify which can be extremely costly for the client. We pride ourselves in getting the client the most cost effective route to achieving legal compliance.
  • The Fire Risk Assessment System that we use is fully online giving "LIVE" Fire Risk Assessment showing the risk status for each premise in real time.
  • A Clear prioritised action plan is produced, written without jargon, including photos and locations on a plan drawing where applicable.
  • The system is complete with a front "Premises Dashboard" page which gives the next due dates for all occupier checks and servicing checks which need completion, making the management of Fire Safety Easy.
  • It is ideal management tool for clients with more than 1 premise, as numerous sites can be monitored and managed from any location with internet access.

Following completion of the Fire Risk Assessment we will supply you with a Fire Risk Assessment Certificate which can be displayed at your premises as proof of compliance.

If your Fire Risk Assessment is not suitable and sufficient your insurance company may not pay out following a fire incident.

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