Fire Hydrant Inspection & Testing

What is a Fire Hydrant?

Fire Hydrants are an important fire safety feature often found at large premises such as schools, colleges and hospitals. Usually located in a chamber under the surface of the road or path, they assist fire fighters by providing a continuous supply of water drawn from the mains supply, rather than having to rely on a fire appliance’s limited water supply.

What Fire Hydrant Testing is Essential

Fire Hydrants are usually located below ground level, which means that they can become clogged up, damaged or inaccessible. In the event of a fire, this could turn a containable crisis into a disaster. So it is important that the Fire Hydrants on your premises are checked on a regular basis, to ensure they are accessible and can deliver high pressure water to the right location, as required by the fire service.

Our Fire Hydrant Testing Service

  • At Fire Safety Solutions NI, we provide a range of Fire Hydrant testing services, carried out to current required standards and designed to ensure you meet health and safety regulations.
  • Above ground: our above ground examination involves a visual inspection of the hydrant frame, cover, surface surrounding the hydrant and the hydrant indicator plate.
  • Below ground: this visual inspection of the hydrant chamber and the hydrant records any defects which would affect its ability to deliver water for fire-fighting purposes.
  • Wet Pressure Test: this test involves fitting a standpipe to the outlet and then partially opening the valve to allow a small amount of water to flow.  The hydrant is also pressure tested for signs of leakage that might impair it for fire-fighting purposes.
  • Static Pressure Test: the static pressure test will check that water dispensing from the system is under the correct pressure.
  • Flow Test: the flow test will check that an adequate volume of water is released from the system.
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