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Fire Safety NI.Net proved high quality fire safety training at a low cost on-line via the internet. Our training is designed to ensure clients meet fire training requirements with minimal disruption to the working day of their staff.

The online fire safety training courses are designed to be a solution to the problems that businesses face meeting fire safety requirements; the expense, getting everyone in one place at the same time and the disruption that it may cause. Our online solution gives an option that allows the training to be completed at a time convenient for the client and removes the need to take people away from productive tasks at an inconvenient time.

The course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. After completing each module a few multiple choice questions need to be answered correctly before progression to the next section is possible.

This on-line system allows you to keep track of all the training. You can see who has started, how far they are through the course and who has completed it. The system keeps track of when each person completes the training and stores a digital certificate of completion for your records.

  • Home Fire Safety - Our course starts off giving trainees the basics of fire safety in their own home. This helps them to relate to the importance of fire safety in every environment.
  • Workplace Fire Safety - Legal Requirements - This module covers the legal requirements and why fire safety is important in workplaces.
  • Fire Science - Trainees will learn what fire is and different techniques of how to extinguish it.
  • Fire Extinguishers - The different types of Fire Extinguishers are covered in this section along with how to use them effectively.
  • Fire Prevention & Means of Escape - Our course covers effective fire prevention in the workplace and how to evacuate safely & effectively.
  • Fire Action - The correct actions to take in the event of a fire incident are finally covered in this module.
  • Course Duration - Approximately 30 minutes
  • Course Costs - From ONLY £16 - £24 per person plus vat (subject to number of trainees)
  • Please contact us for a no obligation quote as multiple trainee discounts may apply
  • For further information please phone (028)90 452297

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