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Plan Drawing - Fire Risk Assessments Northern Ireland

Fire Safety Solutions NI can produce plan drawings for any size of premises. Plan drawings are required for a number of applications as described below:

  • Fire Risk Assessments - Allows the assessor to pinpoint locations of action plan points
  • Preparation of Emergency Plan Drawings to detail Fire Safety Equipment & Safe Evacuation routes
  • Preparation of Grab Packs for use in the event of incident detailling location of hazardous materials and key equipment
  • Fire Alarm System - Zone Charts to help to locate the fire activation

Plan Drawing Types

  • Line Drawing - A basic representation of the premises - not drawn to scale
  • Plan Drawing - An accurate drawing of the premises - drawn closely to scale
  • Conversion of Paper plans > A4 - We can convert larger plans to PDF format which can then be used for the applications described above

Plan Drawing Prices

  • Prices for line drawings start from only £25 per floor for small premises
  • Prices for plan drawings start from only £40 per floor for small premises
  • Prices for conversion start from only £7.50 per drawing to be converted


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